Digital Hub Project BG: Hub

Through a digital hub the Municipality of Burgas will participate in the world's shared digital culture

The digital transformation of the European economy and society is in full swing. Proof of this is the considerable investment and development of digitization strategies and programs conducted by developed economies.

On 19 April 2016, the European Commission adopted the Digital Single Market Package. Building on different national initiatives by individual Member States, the European Commission envisages taking action on five main axes:

1 / European Platform of National Initiatives in the Digital Industries
2 / Digital Innovation for All: Digital innovation hubs
3 / Strengthening leadership through partnerships and industrial platforms
4 / Creating a legal framework in line with the digital age
5 / Preparing Europeans for the Digital Future
It is expected to mobilize a total of over € 50 billion in public and private investment to support the digitization of industry by 2020.

In order to keep up with the EU, Bulgaria must invest in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, in addition to ensuring its future development, but also to preserve its significant inventories of professionals and entrepreneurs who, in the context of growing globalization, would be borrowed from other countries in case they do not receive the necessary support in their homeland. An important moment in the realization of the digital transformation is that it is shaped and assisted by the central and local authorities.

Bulgaria, as an EU Member State, also develops its digitization and technology, but the growth rates outside the capital are extremely low.

The Digital Ecosystem Initiative in Burgas aims to support the overall development of digital technologies and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. For its part, Burgas meets all the conditions for building a strong network of digital hubs that will guarantee the future prosperity of the region by providing a stream of investment in innovative technologies relThe aim is to implement a radical digital transformation in Burgas in the next decade. The city has an untapped potential that makes it possible to turn the challenge of the digital revolution into opportunities and in the future the region's economy will become even stronger.ated to traditional industries, development of education and improvement of the entrepreneurial environment in area.

Building digital hubs will improve collaboration between companies, business startups, funding institutions, research institutes and training institutions as distinct elements of today's digital ecosystems. By creating digital hubs, the Municipality of Burgas will participate in the world's shared digital culture.


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