A Festival for Digital nomads, Freelancers and IT Specialists Will Be Held This Summer in Burgas

The famous festival program of Burgas, which has something for everyone, is expanding with another interesting event. It will be held from June 21 to 25.

The first ever Remotion Fest Burgas is aimed at digital nomads, freelancers and IT professionals. The event is designed for those who have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world in the field of digital technologies.

The festival will include an entertainment and conference part. Its purpose is to show the potential of the Burgas region among people who can work even from the beach!

The participants will have the opportunity to visit the local sights, participate in various activities, get acquainted with possible outdoor and indoor work places in order to feel the spirit of Burgas and recognize the city as a place for remote work in the future.

The festival area will be located on the beach. It will include a camping area, a relaxation area, a stage, an outdoor bar and more. Internet connectivity will be provided for the indoor workspaces, as well as for those, wishing to run their projects from the seafront. There will also be a discussion area, an inspiration area, an ART area and a sports area.

The conference part will take place in the Congress Center - Burgas, and visitors will have the opportunity to choose from several halls at the same time, and the lectures will be both technologically oriented and with a focus on the challenges facing people who work remotely. Expect seminars, exchange of practices, workshops, sharing of personal stories and getting to know different cultures and values.

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