The Municipality of Burgas Is Expanding Its Electronic Services with the Introduction of the eGIS Application

The new specialized web application is now available on the SmartBurgas platform – and in the "Electronic Services" section of the Burgas Municipality website - to provide data from the city's geographic information system through remote access to the specialized eGIS digital arrays.

This new service gives registered users access to dynamic maps of Burgas with integrated data from the current regulatory and construction plan, data from the city's smart systems and other specialized information, as well as the possibility to request various electronic services related to this data. Requests are processed automatically, online, without the need to go to the municipality.

The application is under development and the databases are being populated. If at the time of search you do not find information about a certain object, contact the experts of the Municipality of Burgas directly with a query.

The system is currently in a testing period. During this time, the electronic services provided are free of charge. After the trial period, they will become paid.

To use the services, an individual account registration in the system is required. It is carried out by entering the page of the eGIS platform through the links or - eGIS.

After successfully completing the registration form, you will receive a link to the email address you entered, which verifies the registration and confirms the activation of your account with the possibility of accessing the services.

Upon activation of your profile, you will be able to use free services, as well as paid ones, at prices described in the Tariff for services of the Municipality of Burgas.

In order for an electronic service to be activated, you should already have a validated account registration. After logging in through your account, you will be greeted by the eGIS service selection page in the system.


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