Regional Discussion on Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027 (ISSS)

Smart Specialization is a concept for the development of research and innovation policies, encompassed in an overall development vision based on the territorial capacity and ambitions of the regions. This concept combines an organizational with a structural approach, emphasizing the interactions between local and international participants, who participate in and facilitate the learning and development processes.

The presented ISSS project is a further developed and updated edition of the document from the 2014-2020 program period, developed in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the six priorities of the European Commission for 2019-2024 - the European Green Deal, Europe Prepared for the Digital Age, Economics for the People, A Stronger Europe on the World Stage, Reaffirming Our European Way of Life and New Push for European democracy. The strategy is subject to a constant renewal process with the active and continuous participation of a wide range of interested parties, including representatives of business, the public sector, scientific organizations, social partners and non-governmental organizations.

In connection with the fulfillment of the thematic unlocking condition according to Art. 15 of Regulation (EU) No 1060/2021 to specific objectives for innovation and skills under Policy Objective 1 "A more competitive and smarter Europe by promoting innovative and smart economic transformation and regional ICT connectivity" for the funds from The European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund+ and the Cohesion Fund for the 2021-2027 program period. The Ministry of Innovation and Growth is organizing public consultations on the draft of the updated Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2021-2027 (ISSS).

regional discussion of the Strategy will be organized on September 2, 2022 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the "Petya Dubarova" hall in the "Morsko Casino" CC, Burgas.

The ISSS project will be presented and opinions will be exchanged about the opportunities that the Strategy will open for the development of the Republic of Bulgaria and the South-Eastern planning region.

The information event will be held in a hybrid format.

We also send a link for online participation:

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Meeting ID: 821 9921 4983

Passcode: 155557

Comments on the ISSS project can be submitted both through the Public Consultation Portal and by email: and



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