The Municipality of Burgas Is Digitizing Its Old Documents, This Year It Will Reach 1 Million


In 2007 the Municipality of Burgas started a process for digitization of its oldest documents. Today, 15 years later, the work done is measured by the figure of 952 670. In the coming months, the team of the municipal department "GRAO" has the ambition to reach the level of 1 000 000 scanned documents.

This activity is carried out with own funds. In each subsequent municipal budget, a small amount of earmarked funds is set aside, but the process has not stopped.

The first written documents about the population of Burgas are on paper from 1893. Digitization started with them.

Scanned copies are stored in an electronic fund. When working with citizens, finding them is much easier. In addition, there is no need to flipping through the oldest documents, which further damages them. The time is approaching for many of them to be transferred to permanent storage in the State Archives.


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