The Southeast Digital Innovation Hub and the Sofia Municipal Investment Agency Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation


Today, April 2, 2021, the Sofia Municipal Agency Invest Sofia and the Southeastern Digital Innovation Hub / DigIhub / -Burgas signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The co-founder of the Memorandum is the Municipality of Burgas. This is another step in the initiative for national unification of the big industrial centers in our country, which started at the end of last year.

The Memorandum aims to establish cooperation between Sofia and Burgas in the activities of preparing investment profiles of the two cities and attracting investors through shared resources and a common strategy to be imposed our country as an attractive investment destination and attract new strategic investors.

The two parties are determined to assist in improving and expanding their activities as centers for highly efficient knowledge industries, supporting the business environment in the cities of Sofia and Burgas, and attracting potential investors and talented workforce.

The Southeast Digital Innovation Hub is a joint initiative of organizations from the public, private, non-governmental and educational sectors in the city of Burgas. The main goal of the Digital Hub is to strengthen the technological and innovative potential of the region by supporting business in the development of innovations, effective transition to digitalization of work processes and facilitating cooperation between stakeholders, technology experts, investors, government and academia. The organization is part of a pan-European network of digital innovation hubs.

Invest Sofia (SOAPI) is part of the general administration of Sofia Municipality. The mission of the agency is to support the development of the city as a modern, progressive, innovative, intelligent and green city, an attractive and preferred place for starting and developing a business, development activities, startup and entrepreneurial projects by Bulgarian and foreign organizations.

At the meeting in Burgas, the mayor, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, presented the achievements of the city of Burgas in terms of attracting investment and expressed his support for strengthening good relations between the two municipalities. He stressed that the municipal administration will continue to support all initiatives to develop talent and improve business conditions, which are at the heart of the observed in recent years, increasing migration to the city, which is a multiple winner of the prestigious award "Best City for Living".

The Chief Executive Officer of Invest Sofia, Ms. Maria Hristova, also visited the latest addition to the innovative scientific infrastructure in Burgas - the laboratory for virtual and augmented reality at the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov". Prof. Sotirov, Member of the Board of DigIhab, presented the capabilities of the laboratory, which is built on the most modern model by the company from Silicon Valley - EON Reality.




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